Gospel According to Mark

Bible Study Resources


Check out our resources for Bible Studies. Use as a reading guide to prepare for upcoming Bible Studies or click the reference for a PDF of that section to use for personal study. Enjoy the WORD! 



Date Scripture
Bethany  3-Oct Mark 1:1-15
Overnighter/Trinity 10-Oct Mark 1:16-20
Overnighter/WB Men 17-Oct Mark 1:21-45
Chi Alpha/WB Women 24-Oct Mark 2:1-12
Hershey Efree 14-Nov Mark 2:13-28
High Point 21-Nov Mark 3:1-19
Grace/SanDol 28-Dec Mark 3:20-35
Grace/SanDol 29-Dec Mark 4:1-20
Allies 9-Jan Mark 4:21-34
UCCC/Open Door 16-Jan Mark 4:35-5:20
Mt Calvary 23-Jan Mark 5:21-43
Clayton 30-Jan Mark 6:1-29
Southern Section 6-Feb Mark 6:30-53
Allies 13-Feb Mark 6:54-7:23
MACBA 27-Feb Mark 7:24-37
Clayton 6-Mar Mark 8:1-21
COTH/West Park 13-Mar Mark 8:22-9:1
Northern Section 20-Mar Mark 9:2-29
Christian Stronghold 26-Jun Ephesians 5:1-21
Praise Christian 1-Jul Mark 9:30-50
Praise Christian 2-Jul Mark 10:1-31
Praise Christian 3-Jul Mark 10:32-52
ECYN 7-Jul Mark 11:1-26
ECYN 8-Jul Mark 11:27-12:12
NYNJ Kids Camp 25-Jul Mark 12:13-34
NYNJ Kids Camp 26-Jul Mark 12:35-13:2
NYNJ Kids Camp 28-Jul Mark 13:3-37
CECYC 1-Aug Mark 14:1-26
CECYC 2-Aug Mark 14:27-52
CECYC 4-Aug Mark 14:53-72
UEC 9-Aug Mark 15:1-32
UEC 11-Aug Mark 15:33-16:8
UEC 12-Aug Mark 16:9-20
FSBA 19- Aug Philippians 2:1-11