What is the TEAM Challenge?

We rely on our TEAM principles (Trust, Encouragement, Accountability, Motivation) to encourage, enable, and equip your group to improve their teamwork and connection with each other. Group games, team-building activities, discussion starters, and/or multi-level challenges are used to create a unique experience for your group in any setting you choose!

Wonderful, relaxing with Christ-centered activities. Nice cabins, pool, pond for canoeing and fishing.

Gail Williams

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Informed Consent Form [PDF]

All participants must sign & submit.

TEAM Flyer

Information about our TEAM Adventures.

TEAM Challenge Fees

  • Camp & Retreat Groups: Included in retreat rate!
  • Family Campground Families & Groups: $45 per group of 6-16.
  • Day Groups: $75 per group of 6-16.

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If you have questions or would like to book a time for your group or family, please call 800-458-8260 x206. You can also contact us online.

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