Built on the Rock

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Scripture / Topic

Date Led By
Acts 16 June 24 Reid
Adam & Eve June 26 Brittany
Noah June 27 Reid
Job June 29 Reid
Abraham July 1 Reid
Sarah July 2 Brittany
Isaac July 3 Reid
Jacob July 6 Reid
Joseph-Son to Slave July 10 Reid
Joseph- Slave to Savior July 11 Reid
Moses-Pre-Exodus July 15 Brittany
Moses- Exodus/Wilderness July 16 Mark P
Aaron July 17 Mark P
Joshua July 19 John M
Joshua July 20 Brittany
Deborah / Barak July 24 Brittany
Gideon July 25 Mark P
Samson July 27 John M
Samuel July 30 Reid
David July 31 Reid
Solomon Aug 1 Reid
Elijah Aug 5 Reid
Elisha Aug 6 Mark P
Hezekiah Aug 7 Brittany
Daniel Aug 9 Brittany
Nebechadnezzar Aug 14 Reid
Jeremiah Aug 15 Reid
Nehemiah Aug 17 Reid
Peter Aug 19 Reid
Barnabas Aug 25 Brittany
Paul Aug 16 Reid
John Sept 2 Reid

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